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24 July 2013
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This website is an example of all that you can do with MCMS. This CMS allows you to have a total control in your Minecraft Server, making easy to delegate jobs to your moderators.
  • Create pages with content
  • Edit your web style
  • The users love the Daily prizes
  • Affiliate system for get more users
  • List of your vote serverlists
  • Enable or disable your Minecraft plugins in MCMS
  • Make missions for your moderators or other ranks
  • Allow controlled commands in the moderator section
  • Karma system will help you to decide new moderators
  • You can enable the "Karma rank system" that will promote automatically the rank for users
  • Allow to help in your server in the development section
  • All plugins and blocks can be enable or disable
  • MCMMO Ranks or even other rankings can be used
  • Make money with your ads or with "MCMS Shop", that allow SMS, Telephone, Papypal, etc..
  • ¡Minecraft-Web in your own site will make more easy to play for the new users!
  • Linux scripts will help you to make backups, with detailed information
  • Multi-Language available, with editable texts that allows html code

PCATACK Minecraft server files are available to download completly free on mega:


Part1 | Part2 | Part3

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All existing content on this site can be used and modified to pleasure the developer who implements it. 

There are full and complete freedom to use the code. Developers can collaborate on this projects or recommend changes for improve it.