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Masqueapuntes 4

Masqueapuntes 4
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27 September 2013
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Masqueapuntes is a website for sharing documents in schools, colleges and universities. In this version, it is also a social network!


This is a version available on the website url. Access http://www.masqueapuntes.com to see this version. It is a development version of MasqueApuntes. This is the final version is in testing phase but it is fully functional!. It has been developed from scratch by modifying the internal and external structure of the website.

This is the fourth design that takes the website, and to be much more intuitive, fast and secure. Follows the MVC pattern, and maintains an extremely clean code. This site will work real soon.
For version 5.0 the following changes are planned:
- You may request new functionalities through the platform.
- It enabled again file uploads
- Ratings and reviews, as well as the opportunity to report files that infringe copyright
- User-structured files, the user can decide whether to revoke access to a file that belongs to him, as well as stats for visits or downloads from the given file.
- You can create categories within sections, upon acceptance of an administrator, for example, a new training cycle.
- If a user is withdrawn, all your files will be blocked until this maqueapuntes again.
- New user groups, each category to manage more efficiently and selectively.
Besides all this, we have prepared new changes for version 6. Changes masqueapuntes do much more sociable!
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Freedom Code

All existing content on this site can be used and modified to pleasure the developer who implements it. 

There are full and complete freedom to use the code. Developers can collaborate on this projects or recommend changes for improve it.