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Web & Design

Web template and Component development for Joomla 3 CMS in collaboration with palcodeportivo
This website is accessible from the url www.clinando.com
Web template on Joomla 3.2 CMS, as a collaboration the #todoporalex reason. 
This website is accessible from the url www.lasonrisadealex.com
Web template on Joomla 2.5 CMS in collaboration with palcodeportivo
This website is accessible from the url bexp.net

Masqueapuntes is a website for sharing documents in schools, colleges and universities. In this version, it is also a social network!


Game designed in HTML5 iPad. It has been created based on the classic facebook game of Candy Crush.


MasqueApuntes unimplemented version. This version will not be implemented in real. Web for the exchange of documents in schools, colleges and universities. 


Freyia is an online website selling glasses fully operable and sun. Glasses are excellent quality.

This website is an example of all that you can do with MCMS. This CMS allows you to have a total control in your Minecraft Server, making easy to delegate jobs to your moderators.

Web Template made ​​by Wordpress CMS collaboration as #donamedula reason.


Social network in PHP + MySQL, contains a profile, upload images and display them, events and updates from friends users ...

"Chuck Norris Breaker" will shoot your navigator screen for break your normal computer preformance.
Every computer can endure a different number of shots, all depends of your computer processor. Try how many shots can you endure.

Freedom Code

All existing content on this site can be used and modified to pleasure the developer who implements it. 

There are full and complete freedom to use the code. Developers can collaborate on this projects or recommend changes for improve it.