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Authme Reloaded Plugin Hash

Authme Reloaded Plugin Hash
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28 February 2013
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Well, I was found a lot of servers that want to connect his Authme-reloaded plugin with other CMS but doesn't know how to do it. There are a real misunderstanding cause author's plugin says that you need to check the password with 'SHA256' hash, but that is not so.


You need to do that -> encryptedPassword = "$SHA$" + salt + "$" + sha256(sha256(password) + salt);

I will explain how to extract the salt from the password and make the solution for connect our server with all kind of web CMS.

Ok, what is the salt? We never configured a salt!, how we can do that without the default salt?
If you read more and more you will see that the deafult salt is "salt" But this doesn't mean that you need to put "salt" noooo
You need to do something like that:
For example you have this password:
And you know (in this example) that the password is ->>> "ejemplo"
Ok you need to explode it ($) making something like that:
SHA a1f9d6d409f03e2c fe742523771dfaefa7c4e164720966442d54d3b887a9d953784d1cc5e234b447
Ok the important now is this -> "a1f9d6d409f03e2c". This is the salt! right??
Then you can do all that you want, I will put an example in php where you will be sure how to do that:
echo '$SHA$'.'a1f9d6d409f03e2c'.'$'.hash('sha256',hash('sha256', 'ejemplo').'a1f9d6d409f03e2c');
Obvioubsly that's an example, you will need to make a function for do that more good.
Here you have my own function for Authme-reloaded plugin (only SHA256):
function checkPassword($trypass,$realpass){
     $parts = explode('$',$realpass);
     $salt = $parts[2];
     $hashed = hash('sha256',hash('sha256', $trypass).$salt);
     $hashed = '$SHA$'.$salt.'$'.$hashed;
     return $hashed == $realpass ? true : false;
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