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TIVO RSS Video Script

TIVO RSS Video Script
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05 October 2012
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Play videos that you have on your computer with your TIVO adapter
  • In the picture you can see where you need to add the URL of the RSS server
  • It is very important to have your videos in mp4 format
  • Make sure the links point to your destination correctly. 
  • To edit the RSS items you just have to edit the values ​​in your database
  • You can rip videos to MP4 format without losing quality. I use the RipBot program.
Tivo video format: 
The name of the file you want to upload must be lowercase and without spaces
To rip the movies into the correct format H.264 I use the program: RipBot. 
Create the necessary symlinks use with the previously edited .bat script. 
TIVO only reads files with MP4 format and with very specific codecs. I managed to make it work with the codecs that provides a very good program called RipBot.
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