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Algorithm that is widely used in pathfinding and graph traversal, the process of plotting an efficiently traversable path between points, called nodes.

PHPQuery Terminal is a PHP terminal that works with Ajax and PHP Classes. Really easy to use. Write a command and the class with the same name will be executed. Also, you can send it a few commands that will be used as parameters.

Really Simple PHP class for a secure way to get your php files encryption and decryption.

* Currently deprecated. Please dont use to keep your security.

PHPPROTECTOR is used for protect your PHP classes code and use it in other place. Create and use your own API for protect your code

PHP classifier programmed for a future MVC implementation in your web application. Create your classes with dependences of other classes. This is an example about correct MVC implementation.

PHP class programmed for a secure way for encryption and decryption passwords using two keys ("temporal key" and "general key").
Play videos that you have on your computer with your TIVO adapter

Lottery PHP class available for use with ELPAIS.COM API (SPAIN LOTTERY)


This weekend I have prepared a couple of tables that will be useful to everyone. Regions, cities and postal codes from Spain. All with their respective coordinates.


If you want to develope with android is quite useful to have active and functional developers tool. In my case, I have a Nexus 4 Review 19 (4.4.2), and I did not found drivers.


Well, I was found a lot of servers that want to connect his Authme-reloaded plugin with other CMS but doesn't know how to do it. There are a real misunderstanding cause author's plugin says that you need to check the password with 'SHA256' hash, but that is not so.


SimpleRegionMarket is the most comprehensive Region Market plugin available (Minecraft Server Java Plugin). It allows users to buy/sell, rent, lease, and auction WorldGuard regions. 


Tracker programmed in php to capture the content you need.


Include and instantiate PHP Classes automatically only writing something like "folder.folder.class;" on your PHP script.


Freedom Code

All existing content on this site can be used and modified to pleasure the developer who implements it. 

There are full and complete freedom to use the code. Developers can collaborate on this projects or recommend changes for improve it.